Welcome to TypeTalk.

TypeTalk is a Text to Speech frontend aiming to be as simple as possible. TypeTalk uses MaryTTS in the background and includes several voices. You can install extra voices if needed.

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Installing TypeTalk

If you are using a Linux system the easiest way to install TypeTalk is by using your package management system. We provide .deb and .rpm packages. Download the appropriate package, install it through your package manager and you are ready to go. If you are on a system that is not capable of handling .deb or .rpm files, download the platform independent jar file and run it using the command: `java -jar TypeTalk-jar-with-dependencies.jar`

Using TypeTalk

TypeTalk is written in Java. You need a Java Runtime Environment to run TypeTalk. You can run TypeTalk with either OpenJDK-jre 8 or Oracle JDK-jre 8.

TypeTalk is meant to run in the background and be ready at your command. With a configurable global shortcut TypeTalk pops up and is ready to speak. In its default state the TypeTalk window only shows a single text field and you can start typing right away. When hitting 'Enter' TypeTalk will 'speak' the typed sentence. This way of using TypeTalk is similar to using a messaging program.

The TypeTalk window can be expanded using the expand button. In this mode TypeTalk has two areas for typing. The single-row text field to enter text and a text area on top that is meant for larger portions of text. When you hit the 'play' button on the bottom right the text is spoken to you. With the 'save' button you can save the output to a wave file. When TypeTalk encounters a word that the MaryTTS back-end cannot pronounce it shows a little popup at the top-right corner of your screen with the unpronounceable word. You can correct your text in the top text area to enable TypeTalk saving the complete message. A couple of (configurable) commonly used phrases are ready at the 9 buttons below the text area.

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Version history

Support or Contact

Found a bug or having a feature request? Please, file an issue at our github page.